Consumer Care

Human touch and caring, combined with efficient technology.

Our Incredyble® culture and understanding of the customer journey combine to provide the best in customer experiences and cost-effectiveness. We guarantee the best experience achieving award-winning partnerships that deliver the highest level of service quality, CSAT, NPS, and customer loyalty, ultimately helping to maximize the lifetime value of our client's customers.

In OneLink, our expert staff is adept at designing and improving product and service inquiries, complaint resolution methods, customer survey feedback, and delivering a consistent level of service no matter the program or service location.

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Technical Support

Solving the issue, the first time.

OneLink's technical support agents are extensively trained to provide best-in-class support in a world where technology continually evolves. With our team of skilled specialists, we provide support services through channels preferred by your customers: voice, chat, email, SMS, in-app, or through social media. Our training systems and methods provide the latest insight for our Incredybles® whether they are onsite or working from home.

Incredybles® can watch the latest videos and updates in an asynchronous environment ensuring they are up to date on the client requirements.

Sales & Retention

Increasing revenue with care.

As a strategic partner to our clients, we work on improving and increasing conversion rates as well as up-selling and cross-selling to drive additional revenue through the execution of proven processes. OneLink sales agents are specifically trained to overcome objections and close sales.

Our leadership team works closely with our clients to develop customized programs, update and improve scripts, and adjust objections to maximize every interaction. We also enhance the Incredybles® selling potential by providing them with real-time customer information.

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What we've done?

Scale & CSAT

  • 450 Incredybles®  in 5 weeks
    #1 CSAT out of  >10 vendors
  • 600 Incredybles®  in 8 weeks
    # 1 Vendor of 6
10,000+ OneLink WAH Incredybles®
  • Onelink Service Desk achieving 86% service level and improving.
Major Ridesharing Company Revamped Training Process
  • Decreased AHT from 24 to 18.5 minutes.
    Improved resolution 47% - 56%


Incredyble® service behind the scenes.

OneLink's back-office services are designed with both a human and technology solution, serving to improve the process, transact faster, reduce cost, improve the customer experience, and protect your brand. Along with our Incredybles®, our Customer Experience Team and Digital Process Team analyzes every aspect of the back-office steps required to completion to ensure the most efficient, customer-pleasing result.

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Content Moderation

At OneLink, protection of your brand comes in many forms.

We help to launch, create, and moderate customer's content on different platforms. With a predetermined set of rules and guidelines for user-generated submissions, we manage direct and indirect customer contact, while helping to protect brand integrity and ensure a positive customer experience.

Our Incredyble® culture-oriented team works on making the digital world better every day. Through continuous training, counseling, and wellness programs, our Incredybles® are equipped to handle many situations while staying grounded and motivated to make a difference.

 Social Media

Enhancing and protecting your brand.

With OneLink social media Incredybles®, you are partnering with a team of experts who are trained to connect your brand with your customers across all social media channels, driving value, customer relationships, customer loyalty, and brand loyalty.

Your customers have more power than ever to influence your image and brand. A careful combination of our Incredybles® and customer experience consultants, we turn customers into client advocates.

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