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Allowing customers’ choices to connect. 

Our team has a customer-centric culture transforming the customer journey into an agile, resolutive, and versatile experience. We believe in creating long-term relationships through digital solutions connecting with users’ needs and strategic business goals.

With the world migrating from voice to digital we provide technology to offer different options, allowing end-users to choose a service method. Chats evolve to chatbots, emails to robotic solutions, in-app connectivity means they don't have to leave their favorite game, SMS providing the means to receive the information people want at their own time.

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Our Approach

People make tech work - OneLink's holistic approach.

At OneLink, we believe that the challenge of driving customer satisfaction can only be managed by a holistic approach involving customer experience design, technology, and continuous improvement, which results in enhanced service quality, increased speed of answer, first contact resolution, reduced transfer rates, and minimized cost per transaction.

From chatbots and self-service to knowledge management and robotic process automation, any solution aimed at improving customer experience requires an Incredyble® team to manage the technology and make sure it remains current daily.

Design Process

It begins by understanding the customer and improved by understanding the customer.

Our process begins by understanding the customer journey, an evolutionary and constant process.  This evolution never ends, forcing the business to be continuously adapting to market conditions. As the customer journey transforms, enhancements and improvements require a continued deep understanding of the customer.

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Robotic Process Automation

Better ROI, better operational metrics, strategic.

Discovery, development, and monitoring. Key ingredients to successful automation. At OneLink, our dedicated Account Managers and other operational team members are encouraged to find and implement automated solutions to lower your overall cost and improve the customer experience. AHT reduction means that customer issues can be solved faster and our Incredybles® can spend more time connecting with them emotionally.


OneLink's Chatbots

Our Chatbots Work.

Our holistic team of developers + trainers + Incredybles® are continually updating our guided and conversational bots driving higher resolution rates. OneLink technical developers have extensive experience with design, construction, and training of multichannel, multilanguage chatbot solutions.  We can manage the end-to-end chatbot lifecycle or focus on adding value in specific stages such as chatbot experience design, chatbot training and operation.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Multiple sources, One view, Meet OneLink's OneBox.

OneBox is OneLink's reporting platform that consolidates multiple data sources allowing different ways of reviewing and gaining insight about your customers. In real time.

During business reviews, we don't spend much time discussing data, instead we provide insights to what the data means. Our weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reviews are extensive and proactive. Solutions are provided to our clients with the goal of improving our customer's brand and increasing brand loyalty.

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