It's what we call our Agents.

Our Agents are Incredybles® with a "y". We hire incredible people. Our Agents are typically Generation Y.

Since its inception, OneLink is steadfast in believing if we make our Incredybles® successful, OneLink will be successful. If our Incredybles® are happy, they will provide better experiences. If we educate our people, we have future leaders to help us grow. Our leaders and Incredybles® are the reason why our technology, operational processes and procedures, corporate infrastructure, and other BPO components begin and end with high-quality.

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OneLink Leadership

Together for 25 years. A history of success.

OneLink's leadership team are pioneers with a lot of experience in the industry. The team is largely comprised of a core group that founded Latin America's first privately held contact center. It is the same team that knows what it takes to build a successful BPO company and be successful in today's emerging BPO market.

Built on a servant leadership belief and investing in people and technology, OneLink's executive team is engaged and actively involved in its clients’ success. This success has yielded a best-in-class compound annual growth rate and a financial foundation that is poised for expansion.


Simple is automated, complexity requires emotional maturity.

Faster. More responsive. Reduced handle time. Easing the Incredybles’® Workload. OneLink's digital technology and omnichannel options do all this and more. What does this mean for the people who are interacting with your customers? It means that the issues are more complex and our Incredybles® need to be equipped to handle the complexity and connect emotionally with your customers.

Our Supervisors undergo training, and monthly coaching sessions are reviewed to ensure consistent practices for all our programs. Our platform and training simulators guarantee access for onsite and work-from-home Incredybles®.

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Fostering next generation leaders.

Our corporate university is a dream come true! We want to transform lives through education, extending the horizons of knowledge, so that everyone can train and develop new soft and technical skills.

Our leader certification programs in operations, workforce, quality, and training are designed to acclimate, prepare, welcome, and certify our managers and supervisors into their new roles by providing tools, resources, and knowledge to become successful and productive. ​

Our Corporate Leadership program covers topics such as leadership, management, and most importantly, how to foster happiness!

Work from Home

Keeping Culture, Happiness, and Effectiveness. It’s more than Technology

Our work-from-home foundation of planning, strategy, rollout, and new tools began in 2019! It was a major initiative for OneLink for 2020 (but we did it!). Work-from-home is more than Zoom. It's about maintaining that which has made us successful: keeping our Incredyble® culture and effectiveness alive.

Our inhouse developed system called Partner®, digitizes our coaching and quality processes, payroll, and scheduling, and provides private social networking allowing our Incredybles® and staff personal ways of connecting. Our work-from-home solutions are here to stay!

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